"Good mental health is the foundation of young people's emotional and intellectual growth."

- Frazer and Blishen: Supporting Young People's mental health: www.mentalhealth.org.uk


As experienced teachers you will have first hand experience of how children with emotional difficulties are impacted dramatically in terms of their educational ability and achievements. 

The challenges for British teachers are ever increasing. At a time when CAMHs Services and Social Services are more over-burdened and under resourced than ever, children’s mental health difficulties in the UK are increasing. 

The shocking 2007 UNICEF report revealed that the children in the UK fare the worst of all 21 countries in terms of their well-being. Of particular concern are the facts that they scored lowest of all countries for family and peer relationships, and behaviour and risk taking.



By far the most cost effective way of providing your students with counselling and therapeutic support is through purchasing a regular service for one day per week.

It is possible to book a psychotherapist to be in school for one day a week throughout the year for as little as £8000. If the therapist is then employed in 6 sessions each work day for a 39 week school year, the cost of individual sessions then reduces to under £35 per session. This way of working has the added advantage that if a pupil is not in school due to illness another child from the school can access the service that day. 

The therapist is able to undertake a range of work throughout the school day, at the Head Teacher’s discretion. This could include individual work with a child, group work with up to 4 children, providing consultation for teachers concerned about a child, and work with parents/carers. 

This way of working also has the advantage that the children become accustomed to seeing the Therapist around the school, and the stigma of talking to her is considerably reduced for them. Children are then much more likely to approach her to ask for help, than someone they perceive as a stranger.

We are happy to work with interpreters where the English is not the child/family’s first language. We expect schools to arrange for a suitable interpreter.



State and private schools are attracting a Pupil Premium for any child who has had FSM in the last 6 years. In Leicester and Leicestershire there is a considerable sum of money provided for these children. For many children in this disadvantaged group, counselling and therapy will be the best use of these funds. 


The Government are awarding 500 prizes each year to schools effectively using their Pupil Premium to raise the educational achievement of their children. The top prize each year is a quarter of a million pounds.




We recognise that these are rapidly changing times in terms of therapeutic and supportive services for children and families. Additionally, Leicester and Leicestershire schools have incredible diversity of pupil populations. The challenges for each school are unique. We are happy to work with you on creating a service that is bespoke to the needs of your pupils, whatever that looks like.


We also offer one off services which can be purchased on an item by item basis. See the menu of services for our prices.